The Personal Essay: Let's Get Personal with Andrea Tate

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The personal essay is an intimate journey in which the writer is exploring a nonfiction subject of interest. The success of a personal essay is dependent on the writer’s ability to create  a universal appeal. In this four-week course, students will identify how and why a specific personal essay appeals to a larger audience. Students will create a list of essay topics and together we will choose one of those topics to begin developing into a polished essay for future publication.

4-Week Course

January 31, 2015 - February 28, 2015

Instructor Bio:

Andrea Tate is a freelance writer, editor, and director. She has received LA Weekly and LA Times Critics Picks, along with twoFour Star Theatre Awards for Outstanding Direction. This year Andrea’s writing was published in the anthology Extracts, A Daily Dose of Lit, Role/Reboot, and Bleed. Andrea’s monthly essays can be found on the literary journal Lunch Ticket. She receives her MFA in Writing from AULA in December 2014. Andrea’s primary genre is nonfiction. She specializes in memoir, essay, and humor writing. She is currently working on a memoir titledSelf-Made and is an advocate for children in the performing arts.