Book Coaching Package with Tammy Lechner

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Genre: Creative Nonfiction

For writers working on a memoir or collection of essays—or on individual, shorter works. Book coaches read and respond to twenty pages of work. Responses include a written overall critique (email attachment), line edits and recommendations for revision. When appropriate, recommendations will include advice about publication. May be repeated.

4-Week Module

Tammy's Book Coaching Philosophy:

 Everyone has a story to tell. My goal is to guide you, the storyteller, along your unique path of discovering the best way to tell your story, as well as a clear understanding of why you must tell it.

I view writing as a process that builds momentum, purpose and clarity through its own doing. We begin with the messy first draft, exposing as much of our raw content as possible. Then we work hardily through revisions that sort and sift this original content, identifying what is relevant to the story being told, discovering what illuminates truth and enlarges meaning.

Of greatest concern to me is the idea that your storytelling goes beyond the rote recounting of events. I support engagement with personal experience and its connection with sensory memory to bring your story vividly alive – whether that story is told in the first person, the third person, or even in the second person.

My emphasis and expertise as a writer is nonfiction based, encompassing memoir, personal essay, literary journalism and research-based narrative. Yet I give wide berth to genre and form, believing strongly in the ability of content to find form, and allowing both genre and form to bend and blend. If you want to break out segments of free verse or prose poetry in the midst of your memoir narrative that is fine by me. In fact, I encourage writers to jump out of the box of convention whenever it suits the story being told. Essentially, I am open to any creative approach that expands and clarifies your message.

About Tammy Lechner:

Tammy Lechner is a published author, writer and photographer who specialized in editorial journalism and corporate documentary for three decades, including staff positions at the Los Angeles Times, the Louisville Courier-Journal, and co-directing her own media company, STILL Productions, Inc. (

Lechner achieved a dual-sequence Bachelor of Journalism degree from the University of Missouri with concentration in magazine writing and photojournalism (1980) She also holds an MFA in creative writing (non-fiction) from Antioch University-LA and a post-MFA certification in the teaching of creative writing (2013)

Currently she teaches at Antioch University-LA as an affiliate mentor in the creative writing teaching certificate program, at Chapman University as an adjunct professor of English (composition and rhetoric), and leads weekly narrative writing and photography workshops at the Laguna Beach Senior Center.

Noted as a visual chronicler of the lifestyle and atmosphere of professional baseball, Lechner is the author of two books: IN THE CAL: Pastime Goes Primetime In California’s Minor Leagues; and OUR TEAM-OUR DREAM: A Cubs Fan’s Journey Into Baseball’s Greatest Romance.