Learn from the Best: Redefining the Personal Essay with Andrea Tate

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In this two- week generative essay writing class, we will look for inspiration in work from some of the best personal essayists while investigating the current climate of the personal essay. Using in-class prompts, you will write the first draft of your own essay. Over the course of two weeks, we will discuss what makes a successful personal essay while reading the essays of Roxanne Gay, Joan Didion, Annie Dillard and John McPhee. Dinty W. Moore’s book Crafting the Personal Essay will also be referenced though out our two weeks. At the end of the class, all students will be have written a personal essay and received feedback from their instructor and their peers.

2-Week Writing Course

September 11 - September 25, 2017


Week 1: 

Identify what are the elements of a successful personal essay

Discuss the current writing climate of the personal essay  

Create a first draft of personal essay

Week 2: 

Write a second draft of a personal essay

Peer review essays

Instructors feedback on personal essays

Submission ideas for personal essays 


Andrea Tate is an adjunct writing professor at Antioch University, Santa Barbara. Her essays have appeared in the Huffington Post, Role/Reboot, A Daily Dose of Lit, andBleed. Andrea’s story “You” was published in the anthology Extract(s) in 2014, and is part of a memoir currently in progress. Andrea is an award-winning theatre director and an advocate for theatre arts in early education. She teaches acting and nonfiction writing workshops for Hillcrest Center for the Arts in Thousand Oaks. Andrea received her MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Antioch University Los Angeles.