Art of the Query Letter: How to Woo an Agent from the Slush Pile with Lilly Barels

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So, you wrote a book and now it's waiting to be on bookshelves. If you aren't planning to self-publish and the owner of Penguin Random House isn't your cousin, then you probably need a literary agent. Join me for this 2-week crash course that'll get you down and dirty with the elusive query letter. We'll use real examples that worked--including mine! And create a plan of action for taking your query into the world of literary agent slush piles. 

(P.S. if you aren't sure what the heck a slush pile is, I'll be sure to explain that too).

June 10 - 24, 2019

2-Week Course


-- Complete a final draft of a query letter
-- Understand how to find the right agent for the manuscript being queried
-- Recognize when to query
-- Create an action plan for the querying process
Learning Activities:
-- Research/read successful query letters and understand why they work
-- Write a complete query letter
-- Share query drafts with peers to discuss strengths and opportunities for growth


Week 1:
-- Read real samples of successful query letters
-- Become familiar with the essential paragraph structure of a query letter
-- Write the first draft of a query letter
-- Trade queries with other students and provide/receive feedback
-- Start the query action plan
Week 2:
-- Understand the slush pile of a literary agent's inbox
-- Identify three agents that the student would like to query
-- Discover the general process of querying, which includes setting realistic expectations regarding the email process and receiving manuscript requests
-- Complete the final draft of the query letter
-- Complete the query action plan


A decade after receiving her BS in neuroscience from UCLA and being named Valedictorian, Lilly decided to pursue her true passion for writing and received her MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles in 2014. She resides on Oahu as a full-time mother of two sandy children and a part-time writer of three novels. Lilly enjoys being an active member of the SCBWI and incorporates avocado into every possible meal. She is represented by Sarah LaPolla of Bradford Literary Agency. Connect with Lilly on Twitter @lillybarels