Page Turners: Writing Compelling Fiction with Eduardo Santiago

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Creative writing is one of the most fulfilling ways to express yourself, and you're never too young or too old to give it a try. But writing the kind of book that keeps readers turning pages requires a special set of skills. Today’s books are in competition with 3D movies, five hundred television channels, and thousands of video games. Far-flung travel and adventure are just a credit card away. But nothing grabs your imagination and holds it as firmly as a well-written book.

In this four-week course we'll focus on the balance of craftsmanship and imagination essential to creating compelling fiction while keeping your own, unique voice. In this class you will learn the time-tested elements of fiction and, through consistent instruction and practice, you'll discover which tools best serve your individual style and voice. Are you unsure which point of view to choose? Structure a problem? Writing convincing dialogue is a challenge? You've come to the right place!

This course is designed for those who have an idea for a book but are having trouble getting started, and for those who have started a book and are looking for guidance and mentoring to see them through to The End.


October 8 - November 5, 2018


Explore the untapped power of your imagination.

Discover what your book wants to say.

Create compelling characters.

Choose the right narrator.

Bring bland prose to life.

Write precise and sparkling dialogue.

Identify the selling points of your work.


How do writers create tension and anticipation without pandering or cheapening their writing? Together, we will examine and identify the essential elements in the compelling novel, and how to apply these elements to your work.


Week 1: Story structure and plot. Moving towards a complete, original, satisfying story sure to get your readers hooked. 

Week 2: Escalating conflict. Selecting character journeys and creating credible, stimulating conflicts.

Week 3: Tension, suspense, shock and surprise. Devising reversals and planning dramatic situations more like thrilla than vanilla.

Week 4: Fear and dread are your friend! Weighing emotional tension against physical tension. Looking at your life for suspense. 


* Lessons that you can implement immediately, and a comprehensive resource that includes everything you need to write a successful novel.

* Sharpened creative writing skills, including improved narrative arc, world-building, authentic dialogue, and character development.

* A portfolio of twenty-five peer-critiqued pages.

* An overall story-focused critique of your pages by Eduardo Santiago.


Eduardo Santiago's first novel Tomorrow They Will Kiss was an Edmund White Debut Fiction Award finalist and won Latino Book Award for Best Historical Novel. His next book, Midnight Rumba, won the New England Book Award - Best Fiction. His short stories have appeared in ZYZZYVA, Slow Trains, and The Caribbean Writer, his nonfiction was published in the Los Angeles Times, The Advocate, and Out Traveler Magazine. A sought-after book coach and story editor, Mr. Santiago has helped dozens of writers reach The End.

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