Mommie Brain: Document Your Parenting Journey with Rachel Schinderman

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My mom used to say, "Write it down, or you'll forget."  And in that way how moms are usually right, she was right.  If I don't write it down, I do forget, but if I do actually write it down I usually discover and remember and experience more. This is why we write. This is why we document.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Motherhood today is all encompassing.  Writing about motherhood fills every corner of the internet.  There are articles, listicles, pieces of advice, and everything in between covering every aspect of parenting, momoir as some call it; the heart of which is the personal essay. Documenting our children on the internet to scrapbooking to keeping old report cards is not new.  Exploring our own experiences as mothers though through essays and stories is. Whether you keep a memory journal, document a birth experience, or are trying to have an article published, this class will provide those tools.  This class will provide an opportunity for women to document their pregnancies as well as the experience of being a mother.

This class is designed to help capture a fleeting but important time in our lives as mothers, and to explore Momoir.  Let’s take our documenting of our kids beyond the scrapbook and let’s explore our own experiences as well.

Come exercise your Mommie Brain!


October 30 - November 27, 2017


Identify, study, and compare different essays in momoir.

Develop free writing skills.

Create a writing routine.

Compose an essay that fits into momoir.

Learn about the motherhood essay market.


What This Class Will Offer:

Week One: I’m the Kind of Mother Who…

We will explore and read a few published essays in this form, both funny and more serious. 

We start JOT DOWN TIME, free writing to capture the moments we always think we will remember as we parent but most likely won’t.  We will do this each week.

We will answer the question, “I am the kind of mother who…” to be able to get to know each other and to explore where your story may lead.

Week Two: Other Mothers

We will share essays and articles with each other in this genre that we have discovered on our own and discuss what works and maybe what doesn’t.

We continue with Jot Down Time and a free write prompt.

We will start to pin down what you will write for an essay.  What is your story?

Week Three: Because I Said So… :-)

Continuing with reading and discussing published pieces and jot down time and writing prompts, we will review the first draft of your essay.  Writing is rewriting.  What does rewriting look like?  It looks different to most people, and we will explore applying notes and edits and sitting with your work this week.  Rewriting could be a walk in the park while your child naps in the stroller or it could be the quiet in the middle of the night, which as mothers we see a lot of.

Week Four: Separation Anxiety

Motherhood can be very isolating but when you find a community of other mothers, it can provide great comfort in a trying time.  We will present our final pieces and provide notes for each other as we continue to explore and share momoir and our own writing routines.

For those who want to explore publishing in this field we will also discuss the many avenues of parenting websites and magazines.


Rachel Zients Schinderman is a writer, teacher, and mother living in Los Angeles. As a teacher, she is the creator of the writing groups for moms, Mommie Brain  (, which was featured in Daily Candy.  As a writer she has had her work appear in the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, The Nervous Breakdown, The Manifest Station, The LA Times Magazine to name a few and had an ongoing column about parenting in The Santa Monica Daily Press also called Mommie Brain. As a mom she has two sons, ages 7 and 11. Learn more at or to read some of her work. She is also a regular performer in the hit show Expressing Motherhood and has placed twice in LA Parent's Moms Who Write Contest.  She has a Masters in Professional Writing from The University of Southern California and a Teaching Certificate from Antioch University, but more than all of that, she is excited by other people's stories and helping them discover them.