Book Coaching Package with Andromeda Romano-Lax

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Genre: Fiction

For writers working on a novel or collection of  short fiction—or on individual, shorter works. Book coaches read and respond to twenty pages of work. Responses include a written overall critique (email attachment), line edits and recommendations for revision. When appropriate, recommendations will include advice about publication.  May be repeated.

4-Week Module

Andromeda's Book Coaching Statement:

You’ve gone as far as you can on your own. Now you’re ready to make an even bigger commitment, with the help of instruction, rigorous feedback, and ongoing editorial support.

Whether you’re writing your very first novel or memoir draft, tackling a major revision, preparing for a submission to agents or editors, or simply trying to add to your writer’s toolbox, I’m here to help.

How do I know what you need? Because at many critical junctures in my own writing career of 25 years, I’ve needed the same kind of assistance. We all do, whether we’ve written one book manuscript or twenty–all the more so if we keep reaching higher with every project. Hemingway had Gertrude Stein. Fitzgerald had Max Perkins. You need someone who will encourage you, challenge you, and help you see past blind spots toward the best possible version of your future, final draft.

Friends and peers often can’t find the time or summon the skills and big-picture thinking necessary to provide long-term instruction and macro-scale feedback that goes beyond page-by-page tinkering to larger issues of structure, overall story arc, characterization, POV and more. Many agents and editors are no longer willing to do developmental editing. The publishing world is more fickle than ever. Self-publishing–the right answer for a few, certainly not all–is not the easy way out, either. There’s no point in making a manuscript publicly available that isn’t all it could have been.

Needing expert help is not an indication that you’re stumbling as a writer. It’s a sign that you’re moving forward. Together, we’ll work not just on making corrections but on developing new questions, insights and tools that will enrich your writing beyond the current manuscript. I look forward to meeting you and your work!  

About Andromeda Romano-Lax:

Andromeda Romano-Lax worked as a journalist, essayist, and travel writer before turning to fiction. Her first novel,The Spanish Bow, was translated into eleven languages and chosen as a New York Times Editor’s Choice and one of Library Journal’s Best Books of the Year. Her second novel, The Detour, was published in 2012. Andromeda co-founded an Alaska statewide literary organization and teaches in the University of Alaska Anchorage low-residency MFA program. She holds an MFA and Post-MFA Pedagogy Certificate from Antioch University Los Angeles. Her special interests include novel structure, revision, and lifelong strategies for developing as a writer.