Manuscript Review with Patrick O'Neil

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Genre: Creative Nonfiction, Memoir

Modules purchased in 100 page packages. For writers who submit a complete draft of a memoir or collection of essays. Responses to manuscripts include a written global critique (email attachment), line edits for a short selection, and recommendations for revision. When appropriate, recommendations will include advice about publication. May be repeated.

4-Week Module

Patrick's Book Coaching Statement: 

Writing has to grab you, command your attention, and make you want to read it. I approach ALL writing with this in mind. It doesn’t matter what the subject is. I have read books on falconry, horticulture, and fencing—all of which are areas that didn’t immediately interest me—and ended up fascinated because of the author’s ability to write compellingly on their subject matter. I have also read detective novels, literary fiction, short stories, and plot driven narratives I thought would just be light reading, and came away in awe. Because what it all comes down to is the author’s choices in language, syntax, and structure, and this is where a book coach comes in. You’ve written a final, or at least a good working draft, and the idea is there, but there’s something missing. You haven’t gotten the response that you want when others have read it, or when you have submitted to agents and presses.

Having another writer with editorial experience take a look and offer suggestions is incredibly helpful. Another set of eyes, whose only invested interest is to help make your writing better, and can suggest the needed revisions to make your writing do what you want it to do. This is not to change your voice or make your writing like someone else’s. This is to define what is yours, and to improve it. As your book coach that is exactly what I’ll do when we work together. It will be an interaction between the two of us to assess and revise your writing.

I work with a very diverse group of writers and students. I edit and revise narrative nonfiction and memoir, as well as fiction. I lead nonfiction workshops, and teach college level English classes (online and in the classroom). So when I say “diverse group” I mean that I have experience working with writers at all levels, different backgrounds, and abilities. I have an understanding of where a writer is, and what they need to do in order for their writing to grab you, command your attention, and make you want to read.

About Patrick O'Neil: 

Patrick O’Neil is the author of the memoir Gun, Needle, Spoon (Dzanc Books), and the excerpted in part French translation, Hold-Up (13e Note Editions). His writing has appeared in numerous publications, including: Juxtapoz,, The Weeklings, Razorcake, Sensitive Skin, Fourteen Hills, and Word Riot. Patrick is an editor for the NYC-to-California-transplant-post-beat-pre-apocalyptic art, writing, and music anthology Sensitive Skin Magazine. And a two time nominee for Best Of The Net. He is a regular contributor to the recovery website After Party Chat, and has been blogging at Full Blue Moon Dementia for over ten years. Patrick holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles, lives in Hollywood, California, and teaches at a local community college. Check out Patrick's web-site for more information and his blog Full Blue Moon Dementia