From Paper to Pixels: Writing Online Content that Matters and Gets Noticed with Seth Fischer

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To many writers, the Internet is a scary place: we spend more of our lives on it than we'd like to admit, it lacks that delicious book smell, photos of fluffy cats and sloths seem to eat up more and more of our time, and no matter how many social networks we join, we can't shake this feeling that we're not doing enough. Other writers see endless potential in the Internet, envisioning blogs and clever Twitter handles turning into book contracts turning into millions of dollars in royalties.

This class aims to look past all this fear and improbable expectation to ask a different set of questions we writers should be well-equipped to answer: How can you use the Internet to tell the best possible story? What tools does the Internet offer that print books do not, and how might those be useful for you? What sorts of articles and stories have the Internet powers-that-be come to expect in online writing, and how can you use that information? What online publications might be the best fit for your writing? Is your writing a good fit for these publications, or might the Internet be better used in other ways to further your projects? In sum, how can you, as a writer, use the Internet to create the best writing and storytelling while reaching as large an audience as possible?

4-Week Onlinw Writing Class

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore ways that we can use the Internet to best achieve our goals by sharing our knowledge about its changing landscape

  • Identify best practices for writing and living online, discovering ways to best use the Internet as a tool rather than vice versa.

  • Compose a short piece of writing that incorporates these practices, identifying the best venues for potential publication.

Week 1: An Internet Accounting

We will explore and discuss, through examples and through an assignment, what our online diet consists of and why we are attracted to the parts of the Internet we most often find ourselves in. We will analyze the patterns of this diet and begin to rethink our online habits. 

Week 2: A New Plan

In this second week, after having taken an accounting of our online habits, we will work to develop a plan for how to alter our online habits to best achieve our writing goals. Then, we will begin to plan a writing project that will allow us to use the Internet to achieve them.

Week 3: Practicing Writing Online

In this third week, we will explore in detail the differences between writing online and writing in print, as well as the similarities. Each student will develop a plan for their writing project and they will write a rough draft.

Week 4

In the final week, students will share their final projects and provide feedback for one another. We will polish this into a finished piece, which we will ideally submit to online publications or post on our own blog or website. 

About Seth Fischer:

SETH FISCHER'S writing has appeared in Guernica, Joyland, Buzzfeed, PANK, and Best Sex Writing and listed as notable in The Best American Essays. He is a developmental editor for independent publishing houses and individual clients. Seth is also the nonfiction editor at The Nervous Breakdown and was a contributing editor at The Rumpus, and he teaches for Antioch University Los Angeles, UCLA-Extension, and Writing Workshops Los Angeles. 

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