Frightening Bursts of Creativity with Jacquie Nichols

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We all remember the impact a good horror story can have: the spine-tingling chills and goose bumps mobilizing in a wave across your skin while your best friend holds the flashlight under her chin in the middle of a darkened room during a sleep-over. Take your readers back to their core, where the fear lurks, and produce creative works you never knew you had in you. Take a journey into the depths of terror and release them onto the world through the production of a short horror story.


October 30 - November 27, 2017

Class Description

In this class, I will guide you through the process of creating a successful horror short. Everyone is familiar with the master of horror, Stephen King, whose terrifying stories are some of the most popular in history. We will embark on a journey into the realm where Mr. King lives by reading some examples of successful short horror, beginning in the nineteenth century to modern day. For inspiration, we will discuss the craft and techniques that make those stories work. Finally, we will finish with the creation and sharing of a short horror piece you can be proud of.

Course Objectives

§  Examine some examples of effective short horror.

§  Discuss what makes short horror work with your classmates.

§  Practice the craft of writing short horror.

§  Compose and share your own compelling short horror story.

This Course Will Offer

Week 1 will start the off course with each student writing a brief introduction that includes previous experience with the horror genre and conversation about why this course interested you. During this week, we will read some short stories that we will discuss and draw inspiration from during our four weeks together. (Don’t worry, I made sure to choose very short examples.)

In week 2, we will tackle the short story examples read in week one and participate in student led online forums where we will discuss craft. This week you will write, post, and discuss a brief summary of a horror short idea of your own.

Week 3 is when you will channel your creative energies into writing a complete draft of your short story. Through class discussion we will narrow down what works and what needs work to produce your best composition.

In our final week, you will share in each other’s triumphs by posting a final draft (or final for our purposes) of your short horror piece. Through discussion we will celebrate each of your victories.


Jacquie Nichols was born and raised surrounded by the water and lush greens of Mid-Michigan. She enjoyed spending time with nature and her family swimming, camping, snow skiing and fishing. Currently she lives and works in the warmth of Southwestern New Mexico with her husband and two teenage demons (oops, I mean children) where they hike, ride horses and motorcycles, and enjoy spending time with friends. She has worked in education for 8 years. An honor graduate of Western New Mexico University, she holds a BFA in English Literature and will be completing her MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University in 2018.