The World in a Flash: Flash Prose with Kate Maruyama

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Flash fiction, flash prose, sudden fiction, micro fiction. The definitions vary: “work under 1500 words” or “work under 1000 words,” and sometimes, “work under 500 words.” The good news is these small spaces can be quite dynamic and the creative possibilities within this form are endless.

Journals are looking for flash prose, and, as the pieces are so short, they can fit more in each issue, which ups your chances of publication. In this course we will do exercises which will generate your own flash prose and look at different ways in which various forms of flash prose work. We will workshop through revisions and you should come away with a few solid pieces, and, most important, the tools to keep generating flash prose that resonates.

This class is aimed around continuously generating new material over the course of the month. A writer CAN generate up to five new pieces a week, or choose to focus on a few pieces for the duration of the class.

4-Week Online Writing Class

February 18 - March 11, 2019


• Generate new pieces of flash prose, fiction and non-fiction.

• Look at examples of flash prose that work and discuss in depth the variety of ways in which it can work.

• Workshop pieces of your flash prose with your instructor and peers.

• Rewrite your prose and prepare it to send out. Discuss marketplaces that take different kinds of flash prose and come up with a plan for submission.


Week 1. Flash Prose: Inside and Out

We will look at the variety of flash prose available, discuss its flexible form and talk about the ways in which it can compress time or slow it down. Using prompts, you will generate first draft pieces of flash prose.

Week 2: Workshop!

Workshop! You will workshop a piece of flash prose you have generated and rewritten in the prior week. Your peers will respond to your work and give you suggestions and tools to use to create a new draft. During this week, using prompts, you will continue generating new flash prose.

Week 3

Workshop and generating new work continues. In this week we look at examples useful to specific pieces generated by the group.

Week 4: Submit!

We talk about appropriate places to submit your work. Prompts are available for continued generation of work and we wrap up the workshop section.


Kate Maruyama's novel HARROWGATE was published by 47North. Her short work has appeared in Arcadia, Stoneboat, Whistling Shade and on Salon, Duende, The Rumpus among other journals as well as in two anthologies: Winter Horror Days and Phantasma: Stories. She teaches in the BA and MFA programs for Antioch University Los Angeles as well as for Writing Workshops Los Angeles and the inspiration2publication program. She writes, teaches, cooks and eats in Los Angeles where she lives with her family.


"As a poet, I have always wanted to explore more deeply the difference between prose poems and flash prose. When I won the raffle for a free class with I2P, I knew Kate’s class was the one I wanted to take. Kate is a talented and smart instructor. Her knowledge and love of flash prose were evident in the variety of reading assignments and her feedback. Her ability to balance leading a class and adapting to students’ interests and schedules is exceptional. She makes teaching an online class seem effortless! I completed the class with a better understanding of flash prose, but also with several workable pieces. Above all, Kate knows writers and particularly the type of writers that would enroll in an I2P class — writers with full lives around which we are trying to find those precious moments for writing. I told her I wanted to generate new pieces in the four weeks and each week she gave us five engaging prompts each week. Moreover, Kate encouraged us to choose if we wanted to post more in the generative discussions or the workshop discussions. This is essential in working with writers because we cannot always control when and where our writing will be within a 4-week workshop. I would highly recommend this course for writers of all genres who want to dig in for some close writing and work with a seasoned writer and editor like Kate."

~Lisa Cheby