Find Your Brand, Find Your Voice with Robert Morgan Fisher

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Learn to analyze short stories with an ear for voice—and by extension, brand. Understand today’s marketplace and the various ways certain authors have “branded” themselves. And—write a story that represents your “brand.”

In this four-week class, you will study and discuss the ways in which acclaimed authors have branded themselves, and how that’s reflected—for better or worse!—in their work. You will conceptualize and write a short story of your own (or retool an old story) with a specific market, agent or publication in mind along with an appropriate cover letter.

You will also learn how to use electronic submitting portals such as Submittable, and familiarize yourself with markets and platforms for your brand. You will research and identify markets for your story.

You will also have a chance to send Robert your revised or newly brainstormed draft, and get his feedback on how to revise and polish it, with your brand, overall story craft and the demands of the current marketplace in mind.

Ultimately, this course is about reaching the right audience. It is designed for all short story writers, from novice to seasoned pros. The earlier in your writing career you start thinking about your voice and your brand, the better. Even if have many publication credits you can benefit from the learned awareness about how you brand yourself and whether you take the correct steps to be published well.

4-week Course

May 2, 2015 - May 30, 2015

About the instructor:

Robert Morgan Fisher’s fiction has appeared in 0-Dark-Thirty, The Huffington Post, Psychopomp, Golden Walkman Magazine, The Spry Literary Journal, 34th Parallel, Carnival, The Snake Nation Review, The Seattle Review, Spindrift, Bluerailroad and other publications. He’s written extensively for TV, radio and film. Robert holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, where he now works as a Book Coach. He also develops courses and teaches for Antioch’s online I2P Program. He often writes companion songs to his short stories. Both his music and fiction have won many awards. Robert also voices audiobooks. Learn more about Robert at