A Writing Practice with Andrea Tate

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Jump start your writing practice and produce real results. Join published writer/professor Andrea Tate, MFA, in an online community that promises to motivate you into creating a writing practice that works.

2-Week Writing Class

February 11 - 25, 2019


This class is for writers who let days, weeks, and months fly by without generating publishable work; it is for those of us who will do anything to postpone their writing practice.

You can’t query, submit, or publish unless you write first!

We’re talking about writers who use every excuse not to sit in the chair and bang out that first draft. Andrea is the first to admit she does everything and anything not to sit at her desk. Her back hurts, she’s hungry, she’s too full, she has laundry, or screw the laundry, she needs to shop for a new wardrobe ASAPThis course will help you discover your unique practice and eliminate the urge to avoid the chair. 


Week 1: Narrowing Down the Problem and Eliminating the Excuses

In Week One, you will have a new exercise daily. Here are examples of our first two days:

Day One: Before getting out of bed, write down how you think of yourself as a writer. Use adjectives and list as many as possible. "Lame," "Lazy," "Empty," you will post these adjectives then explain "why" you think these are true. After sharing these words and the reasons "why" you use them to describe yourself, you come to realize these words are not serving you, and are most likely extremely false. You create your new words. These words are your mantra. 

Day Two: You pick a time where you are free to write. I'm talking about at least two solid hours with no interruptions. You write up to 500 words using a prompt from class. You then share your writing for feedback and include a reflection of any challenges, and or successes with this writing exercise.

Week 2: Putting the New Practice Into Place

Once you eliminate the evil excuses that cause you to be a “writer who never writes,” we will put the new practice into place. Our online community will share their successes and tips for what is working and what needs adjusting. By the end of the two weeks, you will have a personalized plan that works for you, plus new writer friends who will support you. We promise that you, and the seat of your chair, will finally become one.


Andrea Tate is an affiliate writing professor at Antioch University, Santa Barbara. She is the faculty advisor and instructor for Odyssey Online Magazine. Her essays are published in HippocampusHuffington Post, Role/Reboot, Nailed Magazine, and Jaded Ibis Press. Her story “You” is published in the anthology Extract(s) and is part of a memoir currently in progress. Andrea has a Post MFA in Teaching Creative Writing and an MFA in Creative Nonfiction from Antioch University Los Angeles where she also served as an editor on AULA’s Lunch Ticket. She lives in Agoura Hills with her husband, musician teenager, and a Shepard puppy she calls the Land Shark.