A Writing Practice 2

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A Writing Practice II is an INTENSE generative two week online nonfiction writing course with Andrea Tate. In this course, writers will create a piece of writing up to 1,200 words. Writers will receive editing feedback, and create a submission list for their new work. Genres include: nonfiction, memoir excerpts, essay, creative nonfiction flash, blog, or magazine articles.


Week One


Day 1: What to write? Identify Genre Selection

Day 2: What are editors looking for? Genre Research

Day 3: Get it down on paper—Rough Draft

Day 4: Themes and Author Intentions— Feedback on Rough Draft

Day 5: Incorporating Feedback— 2nd Draft

Day 6:  Crafting—Feedback on 2nd Draft

Day 7: Who will publish Me? Submission Research


Week Two


Day 8: Submission List —Identify a list of five publications

Day 9:Final Touches—3rd Draft Due

Day 10: A Good Fit—Feedback on 3rd Draft

Day 11: Marketing—Bios, Cover Letters, and Photos

Day 12: Let it go—Final Draft

Day 13: Submission Day—Submit Writing to Submission List

Day 14: Keeping Track—Create a Tracking System